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Antamedia Bandwidth Manager and Discount

In the field of internet section, there is a wide range of application sections. Among of them, networking sector is considered as one of the essential parts for occupying the ultimate result in the criteria of networking facility. Under the network administration, a lot of utility factors are available with the variety of tasks. But, you can’t fulfill this sector is the presence of bandwidth monitoring system. To perform the activities of bandwidth monitoring many application software programs are existing in the market. Among of the existing tools, Antamedia Bandwidth Manager is one of the effective application tools and it provides the entire corresponding information like data transfer rate, connection system and the network activity. In a sort method, you can get the full overview about the networking sector with the help of this tool. Moreover, it also allows some functional activities by which many complex changes can be brought in the bandwidth using sector.

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The Features of Bandwidth Manager

Sequential info: After entering into the inside of Antamedia Bandwidth Manager, users can notice all the functional layouts under GUI. These functions help the users to observe about any feature in a quick manner. Besides, the simple interface of this application tool allows the users to watch over the available system, the number of users under the network and so on.

Supporting system: You can use this software program in Windows PC having two networking systems. Then you need to install it in the corresponding PCs. Generally, it works as a virtual process in the with the existing hard drive management. You can control the connection system through the wired system or wireless method. Any type of devices like smart phone, tablet PCs can be connected to the host PC through this software. Besides, no extra software program is needed for the client PC.

Using the system

After completing the proper installation process, you can configure the number of connections according to your choice. You can control it through the IP addresses and the Mac addresses. The demo version of this tool offers maximum 3 connections facility. Through this software tool, any user can simply control the internet speed while in browsing sector as well as the downloading category. The customization system for the uploading speed and downloading speed is processed from the host PC.

Extra functions: Users have the opportunity to limit the speed. Besides, you can assign the daily limits as well as the monthly limits. This means that, any client user can’t use more than the fixed bandwidth system. Besides, the unauthorized person can’t access into the network because of the identity of IP and Mac address. This also ensures the security system of your networking sector.

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