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Coupon Details

Avail the cool $30 off with Atomic Email Studio coupon code by clicking above link. Once you click the link you will be redirected to the sales page with Atomic Email Studio promo applied. Make purchase with the savings.

Atomic Email Studio Coupon Code

Atomic Email Studio Review:

This exclusive software can be considered as the most effective software for the email campaigning as well as marketing. It will provide you the features of minimum nine tools that are needed for the email marketing. There is no need to renew the license of this software because you just have to pay one-time fee.

Special Features:

If you need to start an email campaign then this tool will work from the starting of your campaign. This tool is capable for importing the email addresses from any kind of files and websites. Then it will check the addresses to make sure that there is no invalid email address in the list. That means it will automatically edit the mail list and then deliver you a perfect list. If necessary this software will help you about creating the newsletter. You will be able to know about the effectiveness of your completed email campaign.

This software can also work as the email extractor because it can search the contact info related to each email addresses which are found by this software from the search engines and newsletter groups and then extract all those information to a document sheet. You can be sure that each of the addresses and corresponding info is correct and valid.

While sending the emails you can send any file as the attachment. The size of the attachment can be large or small, it supports the all. Not only you can send the emails as a plain text mail but also as the HTML and the recipient list can be unlimited. The addresses that are signed up newly to your group will be added automatically and also the unsubscribed addresses will be removed immediately. That means the recipient list will be always updated. You will be able to personalize the mass emailing very easily. This software is able to find the mail addresses from the personal websites also. You will be allowed to access various online servers of the Atomic Brand.

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