Atomic Email Tracker Coupon Code and Discount for 2013- 2014

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Coupon Details

Get 10% off with Atomic Email Tracker coupon code in 2013- 2014. Check the below offer for monthly and yearly subscription and paste the code in the cart to get the discount.

Email Tracker Monthly Code: COUPONTS10

Email Tracker Yearly Code: COUPONTS10

Atomic Email Tracker Coupon Code

Atomic Email Tracker Features

The Atomic brand is one of the most popular brands which provide various types of tools for supporting the email campaign. Among all the products of this brand the Atomic Email Tracker is very unique one. You can know about the responses from the subscribers whom you send your emails.

Key Features:

There are so many features provided by this tool and that is why it is very effective. First of all this tool can be used by anyone and without any problem. You just have to create one account and then you will be able to know the total effectiveness about the email campaign run by you. It will show you the total number of subscriber and the list of the subscribers who read and don’t read the mails that you send to them.

It has the capability to monitor the time for which each of the subscribers read your mails and also visit the links that you attach with your mail. It will inform you at which time the subscribers read your emails. So it will be very easy for you to confirm about the activeness of your subscribers. It will show you the result for the subscribers of your own country and the other countries separately. So this product of Atomic brand is perfect for email campaigning in various geographical areas.

It is also very helpful for comparing different email campaigns run by you. It can efficiently compare the effectiveness of the campaigns based on different parameters. All the data and information of the campaigns will be shown to you as a graphical representation. You can get regular reports about your campaigns in any of the document files, MS Excel and Word file. The most attractive feature of this product is it can be integrated to the other products of the same brand. You can use the mailing list that you use for Atomic Email Sender to this product directly. So, this will help your email campaign more.

So get the coupon code for Atomic Email Tracker and save on purchase.