BackupBuddy Coupon Code, Purchase with Sale Promotion Price

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BackupBuddy Coupon Code

Overview of BackupBuddy Plugin

WordPress sites are very popular for creating any type of websites. The reasons behind this huge popularity are different types of themes can be installed to the sites and various plugins can be used in the sites. You can also use such tools which can back up all the web files, themes and other tools of your WordPress site. BackupBuddy is one of those tools which can create backups. It can also help you to restore the files and move your site to other servers.

Features Provided by This iThemes Plugin

Most amazing feature of this tool is it can help you to move your site to any other server and that is why you will be able to build custom websites very easily and in really quick time. By using its magic migration feature, the WordPress site can be migrated to other servers without losing any web files or other installed tools and plugins. If you don’t want to use the magic migration technique then manual migration can be done.

As it is basically a backup tool, BackupBuddy’s main function is to store the backup files to specific locations. You can choose the location where you need to store the files. There are so many popular backup storage like Rackspace cloud, Dropbox, etc. with which this plugin can work with. It can also store the backup files to your email accounts and even you desktop. It can automatically store all the files regularly after specific period of time.

You will get all the details of the backup files and the location of those. So you will be able to restore those when you will need those. Interesting thing of this tool is it can restore all the files to the desired WordPress site very quickly and neither of the stored files and tools will be damaged or lost. Sometime you may not need all the backups and that time this tool will help you to select the necessary backups and store those perfectly. So BackupBuddy has a number of cool features. Thus get coupon code for BackupBuddy and make savings with special reduction price.