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Coupon Details

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CrazyTalk Animator Pro Review and Features

CrazyTalk Animator Pro is an animation that creates fun video’s to amaze your circle of friends.  It is created by 3D animations. The software actually comes from 2D cartoon characters. The main target is to create avatar fun videos. An actors head and body is created from a single shot. The software defaults to cartoons like large heads and small bodies.  More effective facial animations are created later on.

Animation: The first stage is to crop up the head with some basic level adjustments. Then the facial shapes are outlined by defining the edges of the eyes and mouth. The software can animate the eyes, nose and teeth. Then comes to replace the whole from your photo with the computerized version and thus the most tricky part of face creation is done.

To cut the body out from its background lengthy time is required. A masking tool is mandatory to erase the part of a picture which is not needed. The final performer is then created with a spindly arm on his legs. After giving the right pose of a human body a computer generated version of a passable body is recognized.

A character is implemented and the process of animation starts. This is done in real time. Actors, props and backgrounds are inserted. Then comes the music, sound effects and recorded dialogues. The software starts recording everything  from walking to dancing.

By CrazyTalk Animator Pro a beginner can import a model and create a simple animation using presets and puppets. It is very easy and simple.