Dragon Premium Coupon and Promo Code from Nuance for $60

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Get the cool 30% or $60 off with Dragon Premium coupon from Nuance. In order to avail the automatic Dragon Premium promo code click the above button and purchase with savings.

Dragon Premium Coupon

Nuance Dragon Premium Reviews and Features

It is proved that if you use a good quality voice recognizing software to your Windows PC then the PC can be run more quickly than ever. So you must choose perfect tool to run your PC by voice command. Nuance Dragon Premium is that kind of reliable, fast and efficient tool which can be installed only to the Windows PC.

Features and Benefits: Nuance offers different versions of voice recognizing tools for Windows computer. Among all the versions the Premium edition is more comfortable because you can use wireless and Bluetooth microphones to give the voice commands. You can also use the android smartphones and iPhones as the remote microphone. If you want to use the phones as microphone then you have to activate necessary applications to your PC and those applications will be provided by this software.

You can run any type of built in applications as well as additional applications of your PC by using this software. It is perfectly usable for controlling the Microsoft Applications like MS word, excel, etc. The accuracy of this software while writing the documents obeying your speech is high enough that it almost delivers you an error free document. The Hotmail and Gmail applications can also be controlled by Dragon Premium. It will help you to write the emails without touching the keyboard and send those without the help of the mouse. Similarly there is no need to use the mouse or keyboard to communicate with your friends in the social media; you can do that quiet easily and quickly with Nuance Dragon Premium Edition.

This software is very effective that it can recognize the word and numerical digits perfectly and write those in different format. Similarly it can sense the difference between the general words and the phrases perfectly. It has the digital recording tool which will record the voice expression to transcribe into simple text document. So, it you need to run your PC and control the application perfectly with your voice command then you can use Dragon Premium Edition.

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