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Coupon Details

Avail the cool up to 50% iolo Technologies coupon and save on purchase for System Mechanic Professional edition, Search and Recover and DriveScrubber. Check the following code and purchase your favorite tool from the list.

System Mechanic Professional Edition Discount code UPG – Get 40% savings

System Mechanic Regular Edition code TEN8 – Get 50% savings

Search and Recover Extra code not needed – $15 savings

DriveScrubber Get 33% savings – Extra code not needed

iolo Technologies Coup

iolo Products and the Features

You can find almost all types of necessary PC tools if you visit the homepage of the iolo software company. Among all the products we have discuss some of those:

Iolo Search and Recover: You can restore all the files you have lost for deleting and disk partitioning if you use this software. It can recover the deleted or corrupted files of the internet disks of your PC as well as all the USB, CD/DVD and other memory drives. It will find the broken part of the damaged files and then repair those. This tool is very easy to use and its interface is very smart looking.

Iolo Drive Scrubber: If you remove all the files and data from your computer manually, then there will be a possibility to recover those with the use of the recovery tools. But if you use iolo Drive Scrubber then there will be no possibility of finding the removed files. It can completely format your PC and the external drives also.

System Shield Antivirus: It will give no chance to the viruses and spywares because it can detect and delete more than 2.1 million of threats. It will protect your emails and downloaded files from the virus infections. It has the real time protection system so that it will put minimum pressure on the processor of Your PC and it will take minimum time for completing its operations. It can work silently and stop the disturbing popups.

System Mechanic: This is a high class PC tune up tool which can automatically find out the reason for the low performance of your PC and solve those issues. It will always make the drivers up to date. Your PC will need minimum time for startup if you use this. It will enhance the operation speed of the other programs.

System Mechanic Pro: The maid advantage of this software is you will get all the features of the System Mechanic tool and the Antivirus tool. So, this 2-in-1 tool will save your money.

So get the coupon for iolo Technologies in 2013- 2014 and save with the purchase.