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Get the cool Kaspersky Coupon Codes for your purchase. Just click the “Redeem” button above and enjoy your purchase with up to $30 discount for Antivirus, Internet Security, Pure & One Universal Security.

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Kaspersky Products and Features

Most probably Kaspersky provides maximum products of security suits for the computers. The products have various categories like home, business, enterprise etc. But here are the features of the main 4 products of Kaspersky:

i. Kaspersky Pure 3.0

It is a security suit which will give you total protection to your PC. While you are doing online shopping and using your bank accounts and passwords to online for any reason Kaspersky pure will give protection to your accounts. It has latest quality virus detection and protection system. That is why it can detect all the known and unknown viruses from the internal and external drives of your PC in a very short time. It has PC tune up power and child safety option too.

ii. Kaspersky ONE:

It is a versatile security tool for all the devices like computers, Laptops, Tablets and androids. You just need to buy one single license for use it in multiple devices. Kaspersky unique technologies are used in here which will give your devices unique protection. It is best for the small businessmen to use it in their shopping mall. It has the capability to give protection to all your online transaction data from the cyber criminals.

iii. Kaspersky Internet Security

This security tool is for those who need to use internet all the time. it blocks all the new internet threats and malware attack. Hackers will not get any chance to attack your PC and your online bank accounts if you use this tool. It takes all the updates automatically. It is more effective than general security software.

iv. Kaspersky antivirus:

If you do not use internet always then this tool is perfect for your PC security. It has cloud based virus detection system. It can block malwares and Trojans also. It scans each and every file of you PC as well as the external devices that you connect to your PC. The parental control of this software is very solid.

So if you are looking for Kaspersky Coupon Codes in 2014-2015 enjoy our above coupon.

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