Magix Coupon 2013- 2014 for Magix and Xara Savings Discount

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Coupon Details

If you are looking for Magix coupon 2013- 2014 then you can get $8 flat off on any product from Magix as well as Xara store. Reveal the above Magix discount code and paste it on the cart of your required product to get the savings.

Magix Coupon

Xara Page and Layout Designer Review

It is one of the unique products of Magix because if you use this product then you don’t have to use any other tool for designing the pages and layouts with picture, texts and logos. All the necessary tools are added in this software.

Features and Benefits:

To create business cards and brochures you must use attractive fonts and logos. Xara Page and Layout Designer software offers different types of fonts which can be your choice. You can create the headlines of your documents as the way you want. If you need different formats, then you can create any type of text formats which can be used for designing the pages quickly. For designing the pages you can use the company logos and pictures. The “flowing text” is another feature provided by this software for which you will be able to place the words or texts around the company name or logos. If you make any mistake while writing the texts then the “spell checker” tool will help you to make those correct.

This software is very effective for designing the layouts. You can use different images for designing. The images can be optimized very quickly; which means you can change the brightness, sharpness and other effects of the photos very quickly and easily. It is very essential to show something new while designing the layouts. So you can provide the 3D effects to the logos and texts with the help of this software.

Sometimes you may face problems to put the objects to the right place of a page. To solve the problems this software provides an innovative feature called the “snap line” which will show you the middle point of the page as well as the corner points of the object that you want to place. If you want to design multiple pages with the similar design then you just have to design one page correctly and then you can select and copy all the contents of that page to other pages.

So get coupon for Magix products and Xara products as well and make purchase with the savings.