Moverve Coupon and Promo: Get Moverve Discount Code for Isolist

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Coupon Details

Get super 30% off with Moverve coupon for Isolist Reconciliation Software. Either you purchase single or multiple license you will get 30% off with the reduced price. Click any of the link from following available and apply the code in the cart to get the Moverve discount.

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Moverve Coupon

Moverve Isolist Review and Feature

Isolist provides strong reconciliation functions to any Excel document. It ensures the fastest and easiest components to reconcile your data. It affords a flexible system to the users with easy functionality, tools and packages.

The users of Isolist : Almost in all sectors, user can use Isolist. Accountants, IT people, administrator, marketing people can use this. Besides the people who needs to deal with the data and make a comparison between more than one source, can use Isolist. It helps the beginners and the occasional users to fulfill their reconciliation tasks more effectively and easily with the experienced pros.

Isolist provides various features for the users. These are :

Value reconciliation : Isolist can reconcile almost two lists at a time and compares the corresponding values in associated with each corresponding row. The functionality is greatly needed for the auditors, accountants or others.

Multiple matching rules : While working with a single reconciliation task, user can use various matching rules to define the specific rows from each list. Here every rule makes a relationship between the column chosen from each list.

Multiple reconciliation stages : By splitting out the reconciliation task into various stages user can apply matching rules in various format. But this system is flexible when your lists bear different rows.

Search match : To match any term from a long field of text, Isolist allows a Search match. Under this option the cell-value from any list is searched within the values from other list. In this process a match can be obtained where is value is situated.

One-to –one  reconciliation : You can reconcile the single rows from any list with the rows from other list. If you can identify more than one result for the same searching process, then Isolist choose the closest value from the matching option.

Above all, Isolist is very easy and flexible to install. It increases the knowledge of Excel and it’s common and uncommon functionality. So get the coupon for Isolist Moverve in 2013- 2014 and make purchase with the savings.