OptimizePress Coupon 2014 and Savings with Promotional Code

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Coupon Details

Get the savings for 15% with OptimizePress coupon 2014. As currently there is no official OptimizePress promotional code available, we will provide this 15% coupon in the form of cash rebate/cash discount to PayPal. To avail the same, please follow the steps:

1. Click above “Redeem” button and make purchase on any package.

2. Send the details of purchase to admin@computerheros.com. Make sure to mention Paypal ID alongwith the email.

3. After receiving, your PayPal ID will be credited with 15% rebate of the amount you spent. We’ll credit this within 24 hours maximum. That’s it. If you have any query before purchase please contact us using the contact form.

OptimizePress Coupon

Why to Choose OptimizePress

Nowadays everyone loves to use the shortcuts to created different types of websites. You don’t have to know about the programing and coding all the time because there are so many themes and plugins which can help you to create just those types of websites which you want. OptimizePress is actually the combination of plugin and theme which can be installed and used to the WordPress sites. The OptimizePress files are very useful and popular.

Main Features of This Product

The most amazing thing about the OptimizePress is you don’t have to know about any single thing on the HTML or other coding to use the theme and plugin of this. So you will face no major problem to use these innovative files. The theme of this package can be installed to the WordPress sites to convert those. But the plugin can be your first choice because if you use this then there is no need to install the new theme to your site because this tool can work with the WordPress site where any type of theme is installed.

Now the considerable thing is what kind of site you will be able to create with the help of OptimizePress. In one word, it can be used to create different type of marketing website. Sales pages and membership pages can easily be created by using the theme and plugin of OptimizePress. Even it can be used to create the blog sites. Though the tools of this brand can create very beautiful websites, but that does not mean it will take much time to create those. The programs of OptimizePress are very speedy.

Not only this tool will help you to create the webpages but also it will be helpful to design the pages just as you need. The background can be designed with different colours and styles. You can add any number of rows and columns to the pages. You can use the built in programs of OptimizePress to add different elements to the web pages. Thus make sure to get rebate coupon for OptimizePress in 2014 and save on purchasing the theme.