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Promotion Copernic

Copernic Desktop Search Professional

It is a search engine which can help you to search the computer content.  If you want to search any document or data stored in your desktop or laptop PC, it helps you to search that in the fastest way. It can find any data or file within seconds. You can search any file or document using Copernic Desktop Search by the name of the file or typing the part of content in the file. As a searching result it will give you a list of files which will be separated in different categories. You don’t need to depend on windows default search system as you can have the better desktop search engine and that is Copernic Desktop Search Professional. It has very fast and sharp response to search result.

There are many facilities and benefits you can enjoy using it. It has very low foot print memory and minimum computer storage. So its search performance is very high.

It does not store and collect any data through searching and never leak the information existing in the file, so the privacy and security of the information remains safe.

Copernic Desktop Search Professional is a user friendly and very powerful desktop search engine. It can search any file and track down the file location where the file are stored in the external memory devices or on network. It supports about 150filetypes. So there is a tiny possibility to mixing the files at scanning.

It is very simple to use Desktop Search Professional. It works as if it is your personal assistance and it helps to find everything you need stored in your PC. Copernic Desktop Search Professional can scan hundreds of and their attachments very fast with an integration Windows live mail, outlook, Endora etc.

Copernic Desktop Search Professional includes offline documentation and other support which can be done by Copernic website. For corporate and enterprise users her are facility to phone calls support. Thus get Copernic promotion in 2014 and make savings with exclusive price.