Responsive Coupon Theme Discount, Savings with PremiumPress

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Coupon Details

Get the exclusive $20 off with PremiumPress Responsive coupon theme promo with above link. Paste the code in the cart to get coupon theme discount which is a cool theme for WordPress.

Responsive Coupon Theme Discount

Responsive Coupon Theme Review

It is easier to use different kinds of themes to build different kinds of websites from general WordPress site because if you want to create those manually then more time will be needed and difficulties will be faced. When you will buy themes, you have to choose perfect themes which are provided by very popular companies. PremiumPress is very popular company for providing the WordPress themes and Responsive Coupon Theme is one of the best themes ever provided by this company.

Features of This Theme

This theme has the function to convert your WordPress site to a perfect coupon website. As a responsive theme, it will make your website responsive. That means your website will be automatically adjusted to the screen of any type of devices like the desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

You will be able to import important tools and plugins to your coupon websites. Any types of coupons can also be imported very easily. You can allow the visitors to add their coupons to your site. In this case, you can offer any type of membership packages to the visitors. One of the most important things is you will be allowed to rename your coupon websites and customise all the fields very easily. After changing all these things you don’t have to install the theme again. Featured listing is another important advantage of this theme. For this feature some coupons can be shown to the first of the list of coupons. You can also allow your visitors to rate the coupons.

You can set the maximum number of coupon posting per day for the users. With the coupons, different types of document files, images and multimedia files can be uploaded to the websites. All types of payment gateway can be included to your websites. Most importantly this theme is completely SEO friendly. Advanced search option is another important feature provided by this theme. By using this search option the users will be able to find their desired coupons very easily.

PremiumPress offers a good collection of themes from WordPress. Previously it offered CouponPress theme but the responsive theme is a latest one released in 2013 that suppresses the functionality and features. The theme comes with a reasonable price of $99 but with above reduction the theme could be avail at $79 only. Thus get discount for Responsive coupon theme and make savings.