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Writing Outliner Discount

Writing Outliner Features and Review

Writing Outliner is an effective software product for the writers to create a creative project. This products is mainly organized for the writers on the basis of Microsoft word. It is very effective for creating a novel, research paper, any personal document etc. It allows a systematic functionality for the users to manage the project in an effective way. The facilities of Writing Outliner are :

View Format : Under this method user can easily manage a large writing project. Here the hierarchical outliner is an exceptional feature for any writing project.

Writing Outliner Search Overview : It allows the search function to find out anything for your writing project. It is mainly useful for searching for notes or any research document.

Tabbed Editing in the Microsoft Word : Writing Outliner has allowed “ Tabbed Document Editing” to the MS Word. It ensures the easiest and fastest switching way between multiple documents for a professional or creative writing document.

Visual Element : Visual elements are very powerful and effective tools to organize the documents. In Writing Outliner you can use these icons to mark the drafts, special documents, notes, or research files for your project. Writing Outliner deals with two section of icons. They are : Document Status Icon & The Document Label Icons. But user can customize all types of icons.

Document Tagging Facilities : This is an excellent feature of Writing Outliner. User can easily attach any text tag to the draft documents or research files. It is very useful to track the big writing project. They may be characters name or other identification icons.

Save the Snapshots of the Creative Projects : User can lose their writing project anytime due to computer crashes. But Writing Outliner allows a convenient back up and restore system for the users. You can backup your writing documents manually or automatically. So, user can revert the old form of any document in time of need.

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